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Why do we need to "Rescue" animals?

The need for animal rescues: 

According to ASPCA, nearly 4 million dogs are taken into animal shelters in the United States each year.  Only 10% of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered.  It is estimated that 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year.  With a focus on the importance of microchip ID's and spay/neutering for all pets, we hope to reduce the population of homeless and stray animals in our community.

Shelters are often overcrowded, and animals are at risk of being euthanized

It's a matter of life or death in many cases. 


Even in the best of circumstances, a shelter is no place for a dog or cat to live.  We are extremely grateful for the great area shelters that take in strays and even owner-surrendered pets at times.  Most shelters we have been to are clean and efficient ... but they are a very scary place for animals to be.


<--  Meet Maddie.  She was scared when she came into our program.  She had been neglected and was in need of medical care as well as a good grooming!

And, this is Maddie as she drove off with her "forever family".  Her years of being neglected are behind her.  She has lots of love and happiness in her future!

Many shelters do adopt animals.  But most cannot handle the volume of animals they are facing, and have great difficulty when animals need extra care.

Even if a shelter is extremely well funded, we they cannot provide appropriate medical care for all the animals they take in.  They cannot afford to feed a high quality diet.  It's not possible to walk or exercise each animal as an active family would do.  It's loud and sterile and frightening.   

That's where we come in.  We "pull" as many dogs as we can place in loving foster homes.  We provide a restful and warm home-environment for the animals to recuperate from their past, and grow into great pets.

First steps: We have our dogs bathed & groomed.  For many, this is the first bath they have had in many months.  Then, it's off to the vet, where they are vaccinated and spayed or neutered if that has not been done (provided they are not too young).  If further medical treatment is needed, we establish a course of action for their recovery.

Finally: dogs are placed in their foster homes, and we begin the search for a perfect family to adopt them.  Our Certified Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviorist evaluate every animal and we work diligently to properly match the lifestyle and expectations of our adopting families with each dog's needs. 

We are passionate about finding a great match that will be "FUREVER".  

Of course, each dog is also given a microchip ID that will be transferred to the new family once the adoption process is complete.

Did you Know?

  • A dogs gestation period is 63 days.
  • Female dogs can get pregnant as early as 6 months of age!


It's important to have your female dogs spayed and male dogs neutered between 5 and 6 months of age to prevent unwanted pregnancy.